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In English - Innovation Expo

Innovation Expo event gathers inventors, investors and co-op partners together. The event gives possibilities for inventors to show and introduce their new inventions for possible business partners and investors. Business representatives are also seeking new products/ideas or perhaps problem solving solutions for their own production or product development.

This year Innovation Expo is organized as an virtual event in AltspaceVR.

Photos from event 2019

Photos from event 2018

Photos from event 2017

Photos from event 2016

Photos from event 2015

Photos from event 2014

Photos from event 2013

Photos from event 2012

Additional material can be viewed at YouTube-channel.

Contact information
Regional Development Company Witas Ltd
+35844 577 6385

Keksintöjen Viikko - The Innovation Expo
Instagram @keksintojenviikko